Thursday, 10 November 2011

'Time Airline' get on board!

'Time Airlines' really knows how to take flight without you being on board. Got to try and make it for first class! - Reuel jones

Time is really an important factor whether commercially, socially, emotionally or financially. It effects every inch seen or unseen in life on earth and space. This obsessively controlling, psychotic perfectionistic element is impatient, completely independent without care of its surroundings. It will leave you behind without a second thought, consideration or remorse. If you don't keep up you'll miss the flight. Procrastination on the other hand is completely the oposite but in a horrendously devious and remarkably destructive manner. It hates to be alone and has a green eye for what ever developing relationship you may try to have with Time. No matter what you do it will always be over your shoulder trying to convince you to play in its corner. Time doesn't care what you do but it is in the interest of progression, successes, development, maturity and all the time depend positives that you do care because without time none of these things occur. Some go ahead and disregards you as the middle person and allow itself to happen nonetheless but it's never quite the same. Time is important and to be on its flight is even more imperative. Be sure to travel first class along with determination, vision and perseverance. Is there any other way to fly?

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  1. HMMMM i was thinking about how much time really does not wait for anyone... and it goes sooooo quick! gotta keep with the times for sure, don't get left behind and regret later